Get the skinny on the who, why and how.

Since 2020, the struggles for small and medium sized businesses have been seemingly endless and we are facing more and more challenges as lockdowns and law changes affect us all.

We are finding that small growers and producers are struggling to get their products to their target market cheaply and effectively and with lockdowns many scrambled to get online but many did not manage to get out there effectively.

If the alternative media is to be believed, the next few years are going to see shortages and price escalations but, we would like to figure out ways of preventing this and protecting our food supply. Together, we feel this is possible. How you ask?

EdenHub has been created as a platform for collaboration. Helping you find the information you need and help others to do the same.

We aim to unify and strengthen our local community making us all stronger and more resilient to the waves of hardship that we are all currently facing.

This site is designed primarily as two parts:

www.edenhub.org - a forum for discussions and planning www.edenhub.co.za - an online shop for all local small businesses to sell their products easily and cheaply.

Let's meet up online, chat and discuss the things that matter most to us. Discuss your favourite issues, find local events and meetups and even sell your excess stuff.

Do you have an idea for a project? Find collaborators, brainstorm and plan.
Need advice about an alternative building method or even if you're looking for land or a community - it's all here.

Why do we need to get involved?

  • We can bulk buy and share foods and other items
  • Community projects and collaborations will be easier to work on
  • Foods can be grown according to needs of local buyers
  • Smaller carbon footprint and higher quality foods
  • Stay up to date with local events and information
  • If we work together we can insure better safety in our area
  • Community spirit

Examples of what types of projects that could be worked on together

  • Local markets for foods, plants and other items
  • Lift sharing
  • Bulk buying of items to share, saving time and resources
  • Food trading and collaborations
  • An online shop for local goods and services
  • Community upliftment projects
  • Schooling, sports and social events
  • Assistance to elderly, disabled or people needing help in the area
  • Advertising goods and services in local directories to employ or buy local rather than from outside of our area
  • Collaborations between other areas along the Garden Route who will have similar groups
  • Possible pick up points and deliveries of local goods
  • Members Market
  • Public market
  • CSA program "community-supported agriculture"
  • Local recycling depot
  • Plastic products
  • 3d printing service
  • Plastic to diesel processing
  • Communal resources
  • Communications team
  • Community library
  • Emergency response team

It will be run as an open business meaning anyone can make suggestions, get involved and get onboard. Together we are all stronger.

Sell Your Surplus Produce

Our online marketplace is launching soon. Signup as a producer to list your surplus produce.