Action Plan

Below is a basic outline of the various ways we'll be tackling our current challenges.

Food security

First and foremost, we need to ensure the continous supply of food and other essential items.

We're doing this in multiple ways.

Online marketplace

The online marketplace is intended to connect local producers with the community and develop an efficient delivery system.

Supporting local producers

By providing our producers with another avenue to sell their products in a regular and efficient way, they are able to continue producing regardless of the current meetup limitations.

Establishing a trade network

To ensure our producers have all their essential needs met, we're setting up producer only trade-market, where producers can trade amongst themselves.

Fascilitating seed-swaps

At least 4 times a year, we host a local seed swap where the community can come together to trade their seeds, while also supporting local food producers.

Processing our waste into useful items

Apart from the unreliability of local municipal waste collection, giving our recyclable waste to the municipality is a lost opportunity to utilise it as a valuable resource, which can be turned into car-grade diesel, fence poles, 3d printing material and a long list of other useful products.

Keep our comms online

To ensure we always have open lines of communication, we're exploring possible scenarios to better prepare.

Setting up a radio network

We're setting up a network of ham radio receivers, which can be used to relay information between towns and communities.

Host our own comm tools

So far we have launched the following communication tools

  • Community forum
  • Private chat server
  • Email service
  • Resource library
  • Marketplace

Still on our to do list:

  • VPN
  • Resource directory
  • Dedicated data & authentication server

Setup emergency response teams

Our plan is to setup dedicated teams who have the necessary training and structured protocals in the event of an emergency. This would include setting up a daisy-chain network to pass on essential information.

Sell Your Surplus Produce

Our online marketplace is launching soon. Signup as a producer to list your surplus produce.