August progress summary - spoiler alert, we've been busy!

The idea surrounding EdenHub has been ticking away in the brains of its two creators for over a year now and all the hard work is finally paying off.  

What's happening so far

The community discussion forum is up and running and networking has begun with many interesting and important groups. 

We are currently onboarding users from the following communities: 

  • Kinda Community (non-profit organization based in the UK and South Africa)
  • Rising Collective (local group fascilitating learning events)
  • Looking for land (telegram group of people looking for land)
  • Air Bee and Tree (a community stay / volunteering platform)

Behind the scenes we are making this a platform that works for these and other groups and projects to collaborate and plan together in a safe, effective way.

Group chats were integrated into the forum to make it easy for members to message each other privately.

We've setup a wiki for a shared knowledgebase / wiki in order for the community to share knowledge and resources.

The first version of our online marketplace has been built and we have started onboarding local producers (16 so far!). New vendors interested in joining are welcome to contact us for more details.

We have been working with a large team of passionate IT and life fundi’s who have been helping with security and server options to ensure the online safety of all sensitive information and personal details. 

What we are still planning and working on

  • Bitcoin payments
  • Inviting more inspiring groups to collaborate on the Hub.
  • Onboarding more vendors
  • Crowd sourced delivery options
  • Free composting workshop on Forest Glade Farm

Sell Your Surplus Produce

Our online marketplace is launching soon. Signup as a producer to list your surplus produce.

Digital Tools for the Community

Tired of Whatsapp fatique? We're launched our new discussion forum and chat to help you better engage with the community.