Our marketplace is live and our community is growing

It's been a while since we posted an update on our progress, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We've reached some important milestones over the past few weeks and we're thrilled to share the exciting news 🎉.

EdenHub Forum

Our community forum now has over 100 categories and we just reached 111 members from around the Garden Route. It's a great way to have an organised, structured chat about a host of subjects.

For example you can create a topic of growing carrots under the category Growing/Vegetables and start talking about what works for you, what doesn't and even post pics of your garden! It's a fantastic way to start documenting our successes and failures to create more resilient food systems.

A few other features and use-cases

  • Secure chat - chat one on one or in groups.
  • Each local area has a chat space
  • Create a thread on local projects, tell people how they can get involved or help
  • Post your services / goods for sale or swap
  • List your events to let others know whats happening
  • Login when it's convenient and see updates that have happened since you were last there. Creating an unintrusive, convenient way to communicate.

Marketplace update

Our community marketplace has been in open preview mode for the last few months while we on-boarded producers and helped them load their products. We officially launched 7 weeks ago and we've seen a ton of growth. There are now over 80 registered producers, and 47 of them have already loaded over 600 products! To make it even easier and faster for producers to upload products, we've made some changes and updates to our marketplace. You can now upload products directly from your phone so you have access from wherever you are.

EdenHub as an open initiative

We have been working on the first stage of well over a year now, setting the foundation for a solid community platform. It's been an amazing journey and now we're ready to open it up to everyone willing to get involved! We have our first set of volunteers who have jumped in and offered to help and we will be collaborating with them and others in the very near future.

Stay in the loop by following us Instagram or Facebook. Also be sure to subscribe to our newsletter on https://EdenHub.org or https://EdenHub.co.za to be informed about future developments.

Sell Your Surplus Produce

Our online marketplace is launching soon. Signup as a producer to list your surplus produce.

Digital Tools for the Community

Tired of Whatsapp fatique? We're launched our new discussion forum and chat to help you better engage with the community.