Say hello to our Community Forum

A place for meaningful discussions, community collaboration and more. We have been carefully and mindfully creating this forum to help solve some of the hurdles we currently face in SA and around the world with the current economic situation.

What we need, more than anything, is a place to come together, work together and do what we can to help each other.

Some of the important categories we are already have live on the forum:

  • Group collaborations
  • Networking about possible community projects
  • Discussions about a diverse range of subjects from natural building methods, growing, making and preserving food and many more.
  • Group discussions by area for security, planning and even getting to know one another
  • Buy / Sell / Trade and local service directory
  • Local events, markets and workshops
  • And much, much more

Working together to create a safe, kind space to support each other on many levels.

Sell Your Surplus Produce

Our online marketplace is launching soon. Signup as a producer to list your surplus produce.

Digital Tools for the Community

Tired of Whatsapp fatique? We're launched our new discussion forum and chat to help you better engage with the community.