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To setup a suite of tools to replace to enable community interaction and co-operation, while exploring the possibility of hosting our own server on a local network, to remain accessible, in the event that accessing the internet requiring a digital ID.

Community Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is intended to provide a safe, respectful space where the community can have meaningful discussions, work together on projects, while at the same time becoming a valueable database of information, hosted on our own server and only available to members of the Eden Community.

Private, Secure Chat

In order to ween ourselves off whatsapp, telegram, messagenger and signal, we've setup our own dedicated chat server which can be accessed via the web or native apps for desktop and mobile.

Companion Planting App

SavvyGarden is a companion planting web-app that Chris built as a way to get more organized on his farm. He's made it freely available without any ads or tracking. It's built to be as fast and user-friendly as possible and will work offline after the first visit.

Online Marketplace

To ensure that our local producers stay in business and that we have access to fresh, locally grown produce, we're setting up an online marketplace, where the community directly can purchase from local producers. See the online marketplace project for more info and ways you can get involved.

Setup Our Own Server

According to Klaus Schwabb of the World Economic Forum, the next global crisis will be a cyber attack, which would make the current plandemic seem like a mild inconvenience. Funny how these guys always seem to know what the next big "crisis" will be. Whether staged or real, a shut down of the internet and critical infrustructure sure seems on the cards. In order to ensure our communication tools remain online regardless of the threat, or when the eventual digital id is required to gain access, having our own dedicated server will allow us to bypass these restrictions. As an added bonus we get to stop using the tools that were created to enslave us.

The server would host our own chat server (with native apps for all platforms), the forum, the online market, the EdenHub website and other sites in the hubs network (looking for land, eco village network, air-bee-and-tree, rising collective, kinda community, etc).

This is where we're at so far:

  • We've worked out a custom spec for the server and are looking at R30-40k cost.
  • We've sourced funding for the server through the Kinda Missions charity based in the UK.
  • We're currently looking for a location to host the server - if you know of anyone that can help, please get in touch.
  • We've sourced an older mother board which makes it possible to disable Intel's chip OS.

Local Area Network

Having our own dedicated server is moot if we don't have a reliable way to access it. We're still trying to figure out a way if there is really a way to access a server without accessing the internet, but we have the makings of our initial infrustructure team working on it. We'll post more updates here as the project progresses.

Want to get involved?

Think you have something to add to this project? Fill out your details and we'll be in touch.

Digital Tools for the Community

Tired of Whatsapp fatique? We're launched our new discussion forum and chat to help you better engage with the community.