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Shop online from our growing network of local producers and collect weekly via your local hub. Supporting local while ensuring access to healthy produce.

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To create an outlet for local producers to sell their produce direct to the community via a network of collection points across the Garden Route.

Our Progress

So far we have built the online market, with support for multiple shop vendors and we have started onboarding producers.

  • Setup a partnership between Rebecca & Chris (needed for the payment processor)
  • Setup a business bank account
  • Setup a bitcoin wallet
  • Launched the Community Forum (where we're discussing the project)
  • In discussions with a non-profit with 5000+ national producers as members to take EdenHub national. Starting initially with the Garden Route, then adding new locations as there are enough producers, drivers and pickup locations for that area.
  • Exploring crowd-sourced delivery options (which would be needed if we expanded nationally).

Payment options we're exploring

  • Paystack (which integrates with all local debit, credit and local banks)
  • Yoco (which integrates with all local debit, credit and local banks)
  • Bitcoin (via our own bitcoin server)
  • Seed (an alternative payment system)

What still needs to be done

  • Establish an efficient delivery route. We'll be discussing this in the community forum.
  • Build the collection locker racks and boxes. So far we have two local carpenters on board to build them, but will need to raise funds to purchase the building materials.
  • Recruit drivers from within the community for deliveries. In discussion with two local delivery companies.

Initial drop-off locations

  • African Bush Cafe
  • Forest Glade Farm
  • Hoekwil Cafe
  • Fairy Knowe Backpackers

Know of a potential drop-off location? Email

How it will work

  • Orders will need to be placed by 12 AM on Sunday night.
  • On Monday, our driver (or drivers) will collect the produce from designated drop off poimts across the Garden Route and bring it back to our central packing location in Dieprivier.
  • Tuesday morning, the drivers will head out on alternate routes dropping off customer boxes at the various pickup locations.

Info for Producers

  • Producers are paid weekly every Wednesday, via bank transfer.
  • Manage products, orders, customers from the vendor dashboard.
  • Vat should be included in your pricing.
  • There is an option to enable vacation mode as needed.
  • Delivery to the designated collection must be within agreed timeline.
  • There will be a nominal service fee of 10%. Card processing fees are included in the service fee. We've intentionally kept the fees as low as possible, but we need to ensure we cover the basic costs required to maintain the service.

Want to get involved?

Think you have something to add to this project? Fill out your details and we'll be in touch.

Digital Tools for the Community

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